Vidit Gaur


  • Fatigue in steel for offshore applications – Mean Stress and Multi-axial

  • Multiaxial corrosion fatigue in steels for offshore applications

  • Fatigue life prediction using crystal plasticity simulation framework

  • Post-weld Heat Treatment of welded Al-2024 alloys and their fatigue behavior

    Ph.D Student: Mr. Vinay Kr. Yadav

  • Investigation of creep and fatigue behavior of additively manufactured Ti6Al4V alloy

    Ph.D Student: Mr. Litton bhandari

  • Study on fatigue properties of additively manufactured Ni-based alloys with coatings

    Ph.D Student: Mr. Sumit Choudhary

  • Numerical modeling and experimental abalysis of additive manufacturing process

    Ph.D Student: Mr. Aditya Pandey

  • Fatigue and corrosion-fatigue behavior of Al-5xxx alloys and their weld joints

    Ph.D Student: Mr. Rajneesh Jaisawal